What is a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine (Essential Guide)

We all know that freshly ground beans are the key to great tasting coffee.

Finding the right grinder and getting the perfect grind settings + grind size can be a huge hassle though. It can take a lot of time… time that you likely don’t have in busy mornings!

So how do you get the freshest coffee with fine flavor, aroma, and rich crema?

Introducing the bean to cup coffee machine!

Why You Need a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

In one sentence: a bean to cup coffee machine is like having your own personal barista at all times.

Bean to cup machines go directly from whole coffee beans to the finest, barista-quality coffee drinks you can make. They’re designed for coffee lovers who want the best coffee without a long or hard brewing process.

Let’s explore the exact benefits of these coffee machines more in depth.

Freshness and Quality

fresh beans for best bean to cup coffee

Every time you brew with bean to cup machines, the coffee machines grind your coffee beans fresh. You’re guaranteed to get rich, natural flavor from the beans. Which tends to be lost with pre-ground coffee and pods.

These are high quality machines that use precise settings to ensure maximum extraction + flavor.


Speaking of pre-ground coffee and pods… it’s true these are convenient for brewing morning coffee.

But bean to cup machines produce coffee grounds quickly without any effort from you. Really!

You just need to fill the machine with water and coffee beans. No more measuring coffee beans and worrying about finer versus coarser grind size.

You get the convenience of pre-ground coffee or pods, but without sacrificing great coffee.

Cost Savings

Surprised to see cost here? We were at first too.

But you actually save money in the long run. Pod coffee machines are more expensive since the costs of the pods add up (some brands cost over $30 per pound!). Plus they’re not as good for the environment.

other coffee types cost more money

You’ll get barista quality coffee without needing to venture to the coffee shop and dropping 5-10 bucks (in the USA) for a latte.

Even for pre-ground coffee – which you may think is cheaper – you may save money due to less waste. Your bean to cup machine will measure out only the amount of coffee needed for your drink. No more wasted coffee grounds!

How Do Bean to Cup Machines Work?

Let’s answering this question to looking at the normal coffee brewing process. And how bean to cup machines are better than your average coffee maker.

Grinding Coffee Beans

Don’t worry about another coffee appliance. Because now the coffee grinder is built into this premium machine!

Just choose from the grind settings available and press a single button. The integrated grinder handles the work for you. Easy as that.

press that button for bean to cup coffee with minimal input

Tamping Coffee Grounds

Next the coffee grounds go to a filter basket and the machine tamps the grounds so that they’re ready for brewing.

You might be wondering: what is tamping? Tamping is where you press down on coffee grounds and make them level for the best extraction. There’s usually some technique needed and it’s more work for you.

But if you use a bean to cup machine – this is all handled so no need to bother.

Brewing Coffee

For an espresso machine you usually need to lock the portafilter and pull an espresso shot. (We’ve messed up a few times by not locking the portafilter properly and spilling hot coffee everywhere, yikes!)

You probably guessed it though: your bean to cup coffee machine will handle the portafilter locking and coffee brewing by itself.

Bonus: Automatic Milk Frothing

automatic milk frother steaming milk for you

This one isn’t guaranteed – but a new coffee machine might have it. Some machines come with a built-in milk frother and adds the milk directly to your coffee drink. Automatic lattes and cappuccinos!

Manual or Automatic Coffee Machines? Or Semi-Automatic?

Manual✅ Maximum control over brewing
✅ Can create your own perfect coffee drink and train to be an expert barista
✅ Usually cheapest
❌ Requires the most skill and practice
❌ Takes the most effort and possibly time
Automatic✅ Most convenience
✅ Easiest to use
✅ Can save settings and get consistent results
❌ Less control
❌ Can’t make as many variations of coffee drinks
❌ Can’t improve barista skills
Semi-Automatic✅ Balanced machine with some skill needed and some convenience
✅ Usually priced somewhere in the middle
❌ Some manual work still needed
❌ Less consistent than automatic machines
❌ Less control than manual machines

Manual Machines

A manual bean to cup machine is probably a better fit for coffee experts. They give you max control over coffee brewing.

With lots of practice you can adjust grind size, temperature, pressure, and milk frothing to create your own perfect coffee drink.

Automatic Machines

Coffee novices who want the most convenience should choose an automatic machine. They just need to experiment a few times to find the best and save the best settings.

Then in the future with a few button presses: the machine creates premium lattes and cappuccinos with no effort needed!

Your local barista won’t like this option though – as it doesn’t allow them to practice their craft.

Semi-Automatic Machines

semi automatic bean to cup coffee machine

The best of both worlds. You can adjust some settings: typically grind size, water temperature, and pressure. But not tamping or brewing.

At My Kitchen Sensei we lean towards the semi-automatic coffee machine as our choice. We like the mid range price point. And ability to get fresh coffee with some manual and some automatic cleaning + processes.

For example, we like to choose coffee machines with:

Choosing the Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Below are the top criteria we consider.


We mentioned cost earlier in terms of savings.

You’ll save money over the span of months of years with bean to cup machines. But if upfront cost is an issue, you might avoid automatic machines which tend to be more expensive.

Fully manual machines are the cheapest. You’ll need to consider the cost of maintenance though: manual machines tend to be lower quality and don’t last as long before needing to be fixed/replaced.

Space Needed

Definitely measure the coffee machine’s size and how much space your kitchen has.

You should also measure the water tank and bean hopper to see how much fits.

Feature Set

This is our favorite part of shopping for bean to cup coffee machines! Here are some examples for the (semi) automatic category:

  • digital display and settings – change and save your favorite drink settings with just some button presses
  • digital app – connect your coffee machine to your smartphone so you’ll never lose your favorite drink settings, and choose recipes from the Internet
  • cleaning system – select an automatic cleaning cycle and the machine will self-clean
some bean to cup coffee machines clean up themselves


Try out the coffee machine before committing to the purchase! Make sure you have good answers to these questions:

  • Does it brew coffee quickly without much effort?
  • Does the coffee taste good?
  • Is the grinder quiet and does it produce the grind size you want?
  • Does the coffee machine seem made of high quality materials + easy to maintain?

Then you can feel confident you picked the right machine.

How to Maintain a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Luckily bean to cup coffee machines are not difficult to maintain, especially if you bought an automatic coffee machine. Below are some quick tips to try out:

  • Read the manual: get familiar with all the settings and learn how they recommend to clean the machine
  • Don’t overfill the bean hopper: even though it can fit way more beans than you need for one morning, we recommend to hold off since you want fresh coffee + it can be hard to clean older coffee beans
  • Try filtered water and replace old water tank water
  • Deep clean and descale your coffee machine every 1-2 months (or as directed by the manual)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help: a qualified technician (see your manual or coffee machine company for where to find one) can help you get the most out of the bean to cup coffee machine


You now know what bean to cup coffee machines are: a great investment for coffee drinkers who don’t want to sacrifice quality for convenience.

Get fresh, barista-level coffee at any time with no hard work. The entire process can be dumbed down to one or two button presses.

And actually save money over time! No more wasting money at coffee shops or worrying about grinding beans.

We covered how a bean to cup coffee machine works, how it achieves all these benefits for you. And what types of these coffee machines exist. Then we also covered all the factors you should consider when choosing one.

Now you can’t go wrong, happy brewing! ☕️

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