The Quietest Coffee Grinder – Ultimate Guide

Our Picks for the Quietest Coffee Grinders

  1. Breville Smart Grinder Pro – Editor’s Choice
  2. Krups Ultimate Silent Vortex Coffee and Spice Grinder – Quietest Electric Coffee Grinder
  3. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder – Quietest Manual Coffee Grinder
Grinder NameDecibel Rating
Breville Smart Grinder Pro80 dB
Krups Ultimate Silent Vortex Coffee and Spice Grinder75 dB
JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder55 dB

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Breville burr coffee grinder

Editor’s Choice

I love the Breville Smart Grinder as a versatile and relatively quiet coffee grinder, especially compared to our last one. It’s helped me brew both nitro cold brew and espresso. Without fretting about ruining my husband’s sleep in the early mornings before I head to the hospital.

What Makes it Quiet

60 grind settings along with stainless steel conical burrs mean that you get maximum efficiency and minimum noise when making coffee grounds. Make sure to choose the right grind setting for the grind size you’re aiming for.

The Breville Smart Grinder is made up of very thick plastic housing and rubber feet. These absorb a lot of the vibrations and sounds that would otherwise escape burr coffee grinders.

Our test with a pretty full hopper and a medium grind setting showed a decibel reading of 80 dB.

Other Cool Features

Simple LCD screen: use this to quickly select and save your desired grind settings.

Auto dosing system: Breville has their own special technology which helps get the perfect amount of coffee for the kind of drink you want to make. It’s accurate up to an amazing 0.2 seconds!

Removable hopper: stores up to 18 ounces of beans – which lasts us at least 1 week of coffee brewing. It comes with a magnetic locking system which helps us easily remove and put back the hopper after taking out the coffee grounds.

Breville burr grinder produces consistent grind
✅ Large feature set including 60 grind settings and special proprietary technology❌ Doesn’t work very well for coarse grind sizes (for this we’d suggest the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder and SSP burrs)
✅ Quiet and efficient stainless steel conical burr grinder❌ On the more expensive side
✅ Removable hopper with magnetic locking system❌ Relatively large and heavy, weighing 6.4 pounds (2.9 kg)
✅ LCD screen for easy custom settings

Krups Ultimate Silent Vortex Coffee and Spice Grinder

Krups has one of the best quiet coffee grinders

Quietest Electric Coffee Grinder

Krups has made the quietest electric grinder I’ve ever seen.. or heard really! I just press a button when I want to start and stop grinding. It’s quiet and super fast. Then it’s even easy to clean in the dishwasher. It’s a must have for any kitchen!

What Makes it Quiet

Honestly, we’re not really sure how it’s possible! Our tests showed an average of just 75 decibels.

We’re reaching out to Krups for comment, but we’re guessing it’s due to their patented “Vortex Spin Technology.” Which grinds 12 cups of coffee grounds in an average of just 15 seconds!

We know for there is a plastic base and housing though. This likely helps stabilize the grinder and prevent too much vibration and noise. The motor is well contained inside to prevent its noise from leaking.

The insulation is quite thick as well. We’d describe the sound of the coffee grinding as “contained.”

Other Cool Features

This is the only blade grinder we could find that could compete in terms of quiet coffee grinders.

Its bowl and lid are designed to be dishwasher safe. There is a provided cleaning brush for the blades too.

Krups designed the blades to grind coffee for 3 different types of drinks depending on how long you grind for:

  • French press and cold brew: 10 seconds
  • Drip coffee: 15 seconds
  • Pour over: 20 seconds
coffee grounds from Krups Silent Vortex blade grinder
✅ Quietest electric grinder with patented vortex grinding technology❌ Not as consistent grind compared to other electric burr grinders
✅ Very fast with grinding coffee at the push of a button❌ Need to grind for a long time for espresso grounds
✅ The bowl and the lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse has the best manual quiet coffee grinder

Quietest Manual Coffee Grinder

I love that I can grind coffee quietly wherever I go. At home, at work, or even on a camping trip. The JavaPresse manual grinder is super easy to use yet has 18 grind settings.

What Makes it Quiet

At 55 decibels, we found the JavaPresse manual grinder to be the quietest out of all grinders we tried. It uses ceramic conical burrs which means it’s quieter than the usual stainless steel flat burr grinders on the market.

It’s small and easy to hold. You won’t need too much speed with the very sharp ceramic burrs. Less speed = less noise.

The removable hand crank also allows you to keep the coffee grinder stable. Which means less movement, vibration, and NOISE.

Other Cool Features

With manual coffee grinders – we’re always worried about what we’re losing out on. But the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder has 18 grind settings. Which means you can still get a variety of grind sizes without much effort!

They grind settings are easy to change and click in place.

This coffee grinder is very light at only 9.4 ounces. We’ve brought it on camping trips where we get enough coffee grounds in one use for the 2 of us!

Ground coffee from the JavaPresse quiet burr coffee grinder
✅ Quietest coffee grinder we found❌ We would add a rubber grip to the hand crank
✅ Lightest and most portable coffee grinder featured on this page❌ Only comes in a 2 cup capacity, so not enough for a family or large group
✅ 18 grind settings so you can make drip coffee, French press, and can try espresso❌ Can’t produce extra fine coffee grounds

How to Choose a Quiet Coffee Grinder

Type of Coffee Grinder

The easiest way to find the quietest coffee grinder is to choose a burr grinder.

Burr grinders are two rotating discs or cones with sharp edges that break up coffee beans. Compared to blade grinders with their spinning blades, burrs create less friction and heat… which also means less noise.

If you need an even more quiet coffee grinder, you can choose a manual one too. We don’t like manual coffee grinders because to be honest, we’re lazy! We want coffee grounds with the least amount of work and time needed.

But they are the quietest because you don’t have moving parts or a loud motor to power the grinder.

Our pro tip: get an electric burr grinder and a manual grinder. So that you can pick which to use depending on the time of day.

Design of the Burrs and Blades

Right away we’ll recommend for the material: go for stainless steel burrs. The best quality stainless steel burrs stay sharp and rust free. 

They’re also very durable so you won’t need to replace them for many years. And durability also means the grinder won’t struggle to grind coffee beans (the harder it needs to work, the more noise it makes).

Then for the design of the burrs, first consider that conical burrs are quieter than flat burrs. There’s less surface area from each burr rubbing against the other. This means less noise!

conical burr grinders vs flat burr grinders

Some other things to think about that cause less noise:

  • Very sharp edges break down coffee beans easier
  • A symmetric design keeps the coffee beans in the exact middle for easier grinding
  • Larger burrs also cause more efficient grinding

Motor Power and Speed

Coffee grinders come with 2 types of motors: either a gear-driven motor or a direct-drive motor. Even if you pick the same speed, gear-driven motors are quieter and faster than direct-drive motors. 

The catch is that: gear-driven motors are more expensive. 

But again they’re more quiet because they use more force and less speed. While staying just as efficient as direct-drive motors.

Focusing on speed now: the faster the grinder the more noise it usually will make. You should choose a coffee grinder that can achieve both coarse and fine grinds, but without needing super high speeds.

The best quietest coffee grinders will come with power and speed options that you can adjust as needed. If you’re brewing AeroPress coffee or nitro cold brew – you don’t need as much power and speed because those require coarsely ground coffee. But you might need it for fine ground espresso coffee!

Insulation, Housing, and Stability

This category is less defined because there are many product features to consider.


If you don’t mind a heavier and less portable grinder, getting a heavier one might help your noise issue. This is because heavier grinders are usually more stable. They move and vibrate less which means less noise.

Rubber Bottom

Some grinders have a rubber base or legs. These absorb shock vibrations when you’re grinding coffee beans. They also keep the coffee grinder stable, which means less movement.

This feature might be less important though if you’re willing to create your own rubber base for the coffee grinder. Learn more about this and other ways to make your coffee grinder quieter here.

Plastic, Rubber, or Wood Housing

The main material used for the coffee grinder can also affect how much noise you hear. Some types of plastic, rubber, and wood are great for insulating noise inside the grinder where the burrs + motor are.

Avoid metal housing!

You should also see how THICK the housing is. The thicker the housing and insulating material, the more noise is absorbed before leaving the coffee grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have time to read product descriptions for quiet coffee grinders?

Then we suggest you only look at 2 things for the quiet coffee grinder you’re trying to buy:

1. What decibel (dB) reading does it have? The lower the number, the better. (According to Forbes, 77-79 decibels is “remarkably quiet” for a coffee grinder.
2. What grind sizes and coffee drinks do they guarantee the coffee grinder can produce ground coffee for? If the grinder can support a fine grind size, then you’re all good.

Should I consider ceramic burrs?

We think you should only consider ceramic burrs for manual grinders. They’re a bit quieter and stay sharp for longer. But – they are more likely to break!

You can control the force and speed when using manual grinders. So compared to electric grinders, you’re not as likely to break the burr grinder.

That’s why we recommend the JavaPresse manual burr grinder above.

Should I care about stepped versus stepless grinders?

To make sure we’re on the same page: stepped grind adjustments means that you’re limited to predefined settings for grind size. Stepless grinders let you turn a dial and select any grind size you’d like.

It’s true that stepless grinders can be quieter. But we don’t notice much difference compared to other factors like the burrs, insulation, and stability of the grinder.

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