How to Make Coffee Grinder Quieter

Starting your day early? Great! Let’s get a nice cup of coffee to get thing going…

But wait, you need to grind your coffee beans. And your neighbors are still sleeping…

Are you going to risk waking them up? And maybe your grumpy family is going go after you, if they’re woken up yet again!

So let’s make sure they all get their beauty sleep — by going over how to make grinding coffee quieter.

We’ll explore why your coffee grinder is noisy.

Then we will explore how to soundproof your coffee grinder and your kitchen, plus other techniques you may not have thought about.

And we’ll also explore why you might just want to get a quiet coffee grinder, to save yourself all that trouble. You’ll learn the differences between a burr grinder (spoiler: you might want a conical burr coffee grinder) and a manual grinder.

Anyhow – let’s get started with how to make your coffee grinder quieter!

Why Your Coffee Grinder is Noisy

Putting it simply: when your coffee beans rub against your coffee grinder’s blades.. there are lots of noises!

Your coffee grinder has to be moving fast to break up the coffee beans. This can result in vibrations and heat, which means more sound waves.

Some factors you can control then are:

  1. How big the blades are
  2. The shape of the blades
  3. How high quality your coffee grinder is
  4. What material your coffee grinder is made of
  5. What kind of coffee beans you’re grinding
  6. How fine you want to grind your coffee beans, whether you want a consistent grind
  7. Where your coffee grinder is located
  8. Choosing a manual grinder versus an electric grinder
  9. Choosing blade grinders versus burr grinders

Simply Choose A Quiet Coffee Grinder

So the easiest thing to control: look into buying the best quiet coffee grinders.

electric burr grinders

The quietest coffee grinders are made to reduce vibration and noise waves:

  • special casings or insulation that stops noise from escaping
  • motors that run at lower speeds which causes less vibration
  • manual grinders or conical burr grinders which are quieter than flat burr grinders

Choose Conical Burr, Quiet Coffee Grinders

Ideally you would get a high-quality + conical burr + quiet coffee grinder that produces low amounts of noise and friction. (Could be expensive though!)

A burr coffee grinder can either be a conical burr grinder or a flat burr grinder. As mentioned above, flat burrs are louder than conical ones.

And the more grind settings your quiet coffee grinder has, the better. Some electric grinders have 50 plus grind settings! So you can pick a grind setting that makes noise you’re comfortable with. And get the consistent grind you want.

Check the product info for features like low-speed motors and anti-clumping systems.

Replace the Burrs on Your Grinder

Search online to see if others have noise issues with your current grinder. In some cases, you’ll find that others replace their grinder’s burrs with other commonly used burrs.

Here is a common example: folks who own a Fellow Ode Brew Grinder would switch out the included burrs for special “SSP Burrs.” This became so common that Fellow struck a deal with SSP to package the 2 products together!.

Try to Avoid Blade Coffee Grinders

Yes they are cheaper than the best quiet coffee grinders.

But since you’re using blades instead of rotating discs, there are some disadvantages:

  • the typical blade grinder is louder than the typical burr coffee grinder
  • blade grinders produce less uniform grounds, so you get less consistent grinds and worse coffee quality
  • blade grinders also produce more heat which can affect coffee taste
  • Not to mention, grind consistency will be worse

Your family just might thank you in those early mornings, if you choose a conical burr coffee grinder.

Try a Manual Coffee Grinder

Yeah I know, a manual coffee grinder means more work for yourself. And it’ll take longer to get coffee grounds versus using electric grinders.

not your everyday, normal coffee grinder – interesting manual grinder

But manual coffee grinders are the quietest type of coffee bean grinder, since there is no motor involved.

Try it out, see if you can live without electric coffee grinders. No harm in trying!

Sticking With Your Current, Loud Coffee Grinder?

OK, no problem!

We know the best quiet coffee grinders are also the most expensive.

And sometimes our budget can prefer a loud coffee grinder over a quiet coffee grinder… especially since burr coffee grinders can be expensive

And we can be too lazy for a manual grinder.

Continue reading below to learn how you can grind coffee beans quietly, without needing the best quiet coffee grinder!

Place Your Coffee Grinders Somewhere Else

A super simple idea: try putting your coffee grinder on a soft, padded surface.

Think along the lines of: a towel, mat, rug, or foam pad.

You’ll absorb more vibrations and sound waves + reduce movement of your coffee grinder.

Soundproof Your Noisy Coffee Grinder

Place Your Grinder in a Soundproof Container

Some quiet coffee grinders already come with some soundproof casing. But there’s no reason you can’t come up with your own!

Look at materials like foam, wood, or cardboard. Create a soundproof box out of these materials and place your loud electric grinder inside.

Just make sure to leave a few holes for the heat to escape.

Fix Up Your Coffee Grinder

Check your coffee grinder for parts that could be loose.

coffee aficionados are not afraid to take things apart, to make coffee grinder quieter

You want to look for:

  • loose screws
  • loose nuts
  • loose bolts

Then use a wrench or screwdriver to tighten these loose parts.

You can also add lubricant to the burrs.

We’d recommend food-grade oil or grease to make the burrs run smoothly. This will prevent friction and noise.

Use Smarter Grinding Techniques

Grind Beans in Smaller Batches

Try grinding less beans at once.

coffee lovers use less beans at once

Because less beans means less friction and heat, which results in less noise.

You also can get fresher coffee if you only grind as much as you need in one go.

Grind Beans in Shorter Bursts

Try grinding coffee beans for a few seconds at a time. Think of it like a pulsing motion.

You’ll reduce heat and noise coming from most coffee grinders. Your coffee might even end up tasting better.

Have a Regular Cleaning Routine

clean your coffee equipment regularly

Dirty coffee grinders tend to be louder than clean ones. So you should remove any dirt, dust, and coffee residue.

Use a brush and a vacuum cleaner to remove any leftover stuff from the burrs and hopper. Check out our page on how and how often to clean your coffee grinder.

Also note: getting a burr grinder with stainless steel blades will help with making this cleaning process easy!

Make Your Kitchen Soundproof

If for whatever reason you can’t get a quiet grinder or use a slow grind technique, no worries.

You can try soundproofing your kitchen.

many coffee grinders are loud, so soundproofing can help

Here are some general methods to do so:

If All Else Fails…

Nothing wrong with drinking pre ground coffee!

Obviously we’d all prefer fresh ground coffee from freshly ground coffee beans. So you may not be getting your perfect cup of coffee.

But you can still get your own coffee that’s delicious – without all the hassle and noise that comes with grinding coffee. And without the worry of needing to get a quiet coffee grinder.


Now no matter what time of day you’re craving freshly ground beans, you can make the delicious coffee you’re craving.

well rested, coffee drinking couple – all thanks to using a quality burr grinder

Again, you can try a few different things:

  • find the best quiet coffee grinder, perhaps choosing a burr grinder or manual grinders
  • fix and clean your old coffee grinder
  • soundproof your kitchen and coffee grinder’s surface
  • change your grinding process to grind in short bursts + choose quiet grind settings

Your family and neighbors will thank you. And you’ll find making coffee to be a painless experience, able to provide you with a peaceful cup of coffee every morning.

Cheers to a quiet, pain-free brewing method!

Bryan Han

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