Fellow Ode and SSP Burrs Guide

Why Use Fellow Ode and SSP Burrs Together?

We love the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder. It’s a sleek and modern coffee grinder that grinds coffee for many brew methods.

But with its original burrs: we sometimes find it hard to get fine enough coffee grounds. After some research we found that there’s been a movement to replace those burrs with SSP burrs.

We found this improved our coffee extraction and taste. Not to mention they will last longer and are overall better quality.

We would call out 2 main pros:

  1. Better extraction with light roasts
  2. Better durability due to high performance coating (made of titanium aluminum carbon nitride – which is known as SSP Red Speed)

What are SSP Burrs?

First let’s start with what SSP is. SSP is short for a South Korean company named SSP Grinding Solution. And SSP specializes in producing high quality burrs that produces uniform grind size regardless of how coarse or fine you want your coffee grounds.

For the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder: SSP has multipurpose burrs that can grind from 300 to 1200 microns. This range covers the majority of brew methods from pour-over to French press. They’re sharper and have more cutting surfaces than the original Ode burrs.

The SSP Red Speed proprietary tech means the SSP burrs will last much longer before needing new burrs.

Do you see why it’s called “Red Speed” below?

Red Speed is high quality metal that gets its name from its color

All in all, many users find SSP produces a highly coveted burr set that works well with their Ode. Let’s now explore how to achieve the dream Ode SSP pairing.

How to Install SSP Burrs on the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

We’ll include a brief process on how to do this. But you should probably check out Fellow’s official video guide on YouTube.

What You Need

  • both large and small Phillips head screwdrivers
  • needle nose pliers
  • a cleaning brush
  • air duster, small vacuum, compressed air, etc.
  • paper towels
  • medium grit sandpaper


Disassemble the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

take apart your Ode grinder first
  1. Unplug your grinder and remove the load bin lid, the catch cup, and the front cover plate.
  2. Turn the dial clockwise all the way to 11.
  3. Remove the four main screws that hold the dial. Remove the dial and set it aside.
  4. Remove the auger key and set it aside.
  5. Push the auger in and out to loosen it and remove it with your hands or pliers.
  6. Sand down the sharp edges of the motor shaft to make auger reassembly easier.
  7. Remove the burr from the auger by unscrewing the three small screws that hold it.
  8. Remove the static burr from inside of the Ode Brew Grinder by unscrewing the three small screws that hold it.
  9. Clean out any coffee grounds or dust from inside of the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder. Now you’re ready for the SSP burr installation!

Install and Fit SSP Burrs

replace old Ode burrs with new SSP burrs
  1. Install a new SSP burr to the chamber inside of the Ode Brew Grinder by aligning it with the three screw holes and securing it with the three small screws.
  2. Install the remaining new SSP burr to the auger by aligning it with the three screw holes and securing it with the three small screws.
  3. Place the auger back into the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder by aligning it with the motor shaft and pushing it in until it clicks.
  4. Screw the dial back on to the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder by aligning it with the four screw holes and securing it with the four main screws.

Calibrate SSP Burrs then Reassemble the Ode Grinder

  1. Calibrate your new SSP multipurpose burrs by following these steps:
    • Turn on your grinder and set it to 1.
    • Listen for a high-pitched sound that indicates that the burrs are touching each other.
    • Turn off your grinder and set it to 2.
    • Turn on your grinder again and listen for a lower-pitched sound that indicates that there is a small gap between the burrs.
    • Repeat this process until you reach 11, increasing the gap between each setting by one notch.
  2. Reassemble the dial cover, catch cup, and load bin lid. You’re done!

Downsides of Fellow Ode SSP Burrs Pairing

Do note these cons for using SSP burrs though:

  • SSP burrs are expensive: they’ll nearly double the price of just the stock Ode as is
  • SSP burrs are louder compared to the original Ode grinder burrs, so not the best choice if you value having a quiet grinder or even the quietest coffee grinder
    • Especially if you’re using the Ode as an espresso grinder, it’ll be loud!!
  • SSP burrs require more frequent cleaning than the original Fellow Ode grinder burrs


So if you’re having trouble grinding fine with your Ode Brew Grinder’s stock burrs, try an Ode SSP pairing! Though this will cost more than just the stock Ode, you’ll get the performance of an espresso grinder without actually needing to buy other grinders.

A main reason is because of SSP’s special Red Speed tech. Which makes SSP burrs much higher quality than Ode’s stock burrs. Follow our guide above to setup your Ode grinder with SSP burrs fast.

Then you can start grinding finer coffee grounds and get optimal extraction for drip coffee, espresso, and French press brewing methods… even for light roasted coffee beans. Enjoy the extreme clarity grind and flavorful cup of coffee that you likely won’t get from any other grinder.

Hopefully this SSP burrs and Fellow Ode review inspires you to check out this highly coveted burr set TODAY.

Bryan Han

By day, Bryan is a software engineer with experience at startups and top software companies. By night, he runs and writes for My Kitchen Sensei. Bryan is especially proud of his cheap excursions to cheap Michelin rated restaurants throughout Asia and in Hong Kong during his exchange there. His favorites include nitro-cold brew coffee and steak.

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