Best Coffee Maker for Airbnb Hosts and Guests

Are you hosting an Airbnb without a good coffee maker? Think you can get away with that?

Well think again: Airbnb guests prefer a top notch coffee maker experience + reward you with better ratings. All for an easy, small investment.

From a survey done with 1000s of travelers: 65 percent of travelers feel having a coffee maker in their Airbnb is very important. And 40 percent of guests are even willing to pay more to have access to coffee!

So it’s easy to see: buying a coffee maker for your Airbnb = more bookings, higher ratings + reviews, and more money.

Top 5 Coffee Makers for Airbnbs

  1. Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine – Editor’s Choice
  2. Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi – Best for Versatility and Convenience
  3. Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker with 10 Cup Thermal Carafe – Best for Customization and Satisfaction
  4. Elite Gourmet EHC111A Personal Single-Serve Compact Coffee Maker – Best for Simplicity and Portability
  5. Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker with Auto-Shut Off – Best for Low Budget Yet Quality
NameDurabilityEasy BrewingEasy CleaningSafetyScore
Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker with 10 Cup Thermal Carafe

Elite Gourmet EHC111A Personal Single-Serve Compact Coffee Maker

Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker with Auto-Shut Off


Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine

Editor’s Choice

We love this Bonavita machine. At 5 cups, it’s neither too small nor too large for an Airbnb.

It’s easy to use with a one-touch button. Yet we feel safe due to its double-wall thermal carafe. And it has a showerhead design which means even extraction of coffee grounds and GREAT tasting coffee.

Don’t just listen to us at My Kitchen Sensei: this Bonavita coffee maker is also SCA certified!

You’ll need to give up 2 things though: a water level indicator and signal that the coffee is done. We think these are OK for Airbnbs though.

I love that this coffee maker is dishwasher safe yet still brews delicious coffee. As both a coffee lover and Airbnb host – it’s amazing that such a convenient and safe machine also can brew great flavor coffee. Even had a few guests mention the coffee maker in their stay.

✅ Double-wall thermal carafe❌ No water level indicator
✅ High quality: SCA certified❌ No audible signal or light indicator
✅ Compact and easy to clean❌ No handle or latch on filter basket
✅ Brews at optimal temperature range
✅ Pre-infusion mode for better flavor

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

Best for Versatility and Convenience

We think this Nespresso machine will satisfy ANY guest you could possibly have in your Airbnb.

They can brew any kind of coffee and with 5 different cup sizes, from 1.35 ounces all the way to 14 ounces. Meaning they can get an espresso shot or a larger coffee to share as a couple!

VertuoPlus by the way, is a system that will adjust brewing settings automatically based on the capsule. This explains why the guests can enjoy a large variety of different coffee drinks but without us needing to think at all. Just gotta find a capsule variety pack.

There are no fancy steps either: it’s just one button to start or stop brewing. There is a capsule container that stores up to 10 used capsules meaning the guest doesn’t need to clean up. And the machine shuts off itself via a power-saving mode.

This coffee maker is stylish and durable. Plus there’s a 1 year warranty.

I found the De’Longhi Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee maker to be luxury yet simple for my guests and I to use. I’m confident my guests can make whatever coffee they desire. And after they check out I just need to throw away and replace a few capsules. Easy!

✅ Wide range of coffee drinks and flavors❌ Heavier than other coffee makers on this list
✅ Super fast heat up time❌ Can be loud compared to other coffee makers
✅ Turns itself off❌ Requires Vertuo coffee pods
✅ Convenient cleanup❌ 10 used capsules max, so have to clean up after every 1-2 stays

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker with 10 Cup Thermal Carafe

Best for Customization and Satisfaction

We also love this Hamilton Beach coffee maker. For the past few months, it’s been perfect for a group of coffee drinkers.

Each of us chooses our favorite brew strength and sets the timer to make sure we’ll get a fresh cup of coffee when we need it. The thermal carafe makes sure even if we accidentally choose the wrong time, the coffee stays hot and fresh for many hours after.

When we’re in a rush, the pause and serve feature and the automatic turn off help us get coffee worry-free. There’s also a 1 year warranty and customer support hotlines if you happened to have any worries.

While we at My Kitchen Sensei do NOT use this in our Airbnb properties, we definitely would. And especially in an Airbnb where we’re living with guests at the same time.

I can choose how strong I want my coffee, how much coffee I get, and when I want the coffee to be ready. All with just a few buttons.

✅ Programmable timer❌ No water level indicator for the reservoir
✅ Pause and serve feature❌ Could use a descaling function for self cleaning
✅ Brew strength selection❌ Takes a while to turn itself off
✅ Turns itself off
✅ Comes with thermal carafe

Elite Gourmet EHC111A Personal Single-Serve Compact Coffee Maker

Best for Simplicity and Portability

When we think about the coffee maker at a Marriott – the picture that comes up in our head is just like this Elite Gourmet EHC111A coffee maker.

But this one is even better! You can brew either Keurig cups OR coffee grounds in just minutes. Letting your guests pick which they prefer and easiest for everyone.

This coffee maker also comes with a stainless steel travel mug to keep the coffee hot and lets your guests enjoy coffee on the go. So they keep thinking positively about your Airbnb when they’re outside too.

It’s easy to use and clean:

  • single touch to brew
  • removable and reusable filter
  • auto shut off feature
  • lightweight and portable

There’s also a 1 year warranty.

✅ Can use both coffee grounds or pods❌ Only enough coffee for 1-2 guests
✅ Reusable filter and coffee mug❌ Can’t adjust the brew strength
✅ Very lightweight❌ No handle on the travel mug
✅ Auto shut off feature

Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker with Auto-Shut Off

Best for Low Budget Yet Quality

Compared to the Elite Gourmet coffee maker above, this Gevi coffee maker is a good choice for 2-4 people. We like that it comes with a lot of stuff: one-touch operation, reusable filter, glass carafe, and hot plate.

So it’s easy to use, keep your coffee hot, and clean afterwards.

There is also of course an auto shutoff feature. So you can keep up to 4 cups of coffee hot for a while, but not TOO long.

Last but not least: we were pleasantly surprised that the coffee flavor was so good for a low budget machine. This is because of the cone filter and brew temperature. We always get a solid 4 cups of coffee.

We think this can be enough to sway an Airbnb review positively.

✅ Auto shut off feature❌ No water level indicator
✅ Reusable cone shaped filter❌ No audible signal or light indicator
✅ Glass carafe with drip-free spout + hot plate❌ No handle or latch on filter basket
✅ Brews at optimal temperature range

Which Factors Should You Consider?

How do you choose the best coffee maker for your Airbnb though? Not to worry – we’ll soon cover all the factors you need to consider. We’ll then suggest some coffee makers that score highest.

Get ready to maximize your guests’ mornings and stay experience!


We get it: Airbnb hosting can be stressful and a lot of work. The last thing you want is to fix or even replace your coffee maker. And what if your guests are rough with the coffee equipment?

Our number one tip is to prevent damage from ever happening.

Solid Build and Materials

You want coffee maker brands whose products are proven to last. Check out what the coffee maker is made of: ideally it’s stainless steel or strong plastic.

Stainless steel: you will worry less about scratches, stains, and rust

Strong plastic: these plastic parts won’t break as easy + will be lighter than metals, which means a portable coffee maker that’s easy to move around

Read reviews from real buyers and check out low rated ones: they might mention cracked glass or broken water spouts. Maybe the coffee maker is prone to leaking from the bottom.

Design and Looks

Think about size and design of your coffee maker. Will it fit within your guest’s space in the Airbnb?

If you’re going for a classy or hipster theme, consider adding that type of design to your search criteria. You never know what a guest will share on social media that might influence other people to book your Airbnb.

the best coffee makers for your vacation rental are NOT too luxury

Most important: don’t go for a look that you’ll want to replace within a few months. I suggest you select a simple, classic style.

Easy Brewing Experience

Though we love making barista level coffees – this isn’t right for an Airbnb. You want to keep the experience simple for short term guests.

Look for a coffee maker with simple instructions and user friendly controls. Avoid “top coffee makers” that expert baristas recommend.

Simple Instructions

If your coffee maker comes with a super long manual… then it’s probably not the one for your Airbnb guests.

Consider getting a coffee maker with pods. Or if there’s a water reservoir and brew basket, then make sure they’re labeled and easy to use.

And make sure it’s easy to clean. A quick rinse after every stay and monthly deeper clean by you / your cleaning staff. You shouldn’t need anything more than that.

Ideally you can leave a short paragraph of instructions for your guest to follow. Nothing more than that.

Examples of User Friendly Controls

You want buttons that are clearly marked. The less buttons the guest needs to press, the better.

A digital display and lights also make it easy to tell what’s going on – at a quick glance. These also help your guest understand the situation fast without a high English level.

Choose the Right Size

Think about if you’re hosting guests in a single room versus a multi bedroom house. One or two guests will prefer a single serving coffee maker. While multiple guests might enjoy sharing coffee together in the morning.

Also what about your counter space? If you don’t have much, then don’t get a larger coffee maker.

Examples of Coffee Maker Capacity

For a multi bedroom Airbnb, consider a 4 to 10 cup coffee maker to brew multiple cups at once. Don’t force your guests to do multiple brewing cycles to get their caffeine fix. These usually come with a hot plate that makes sure coffee stays hot for multiple guests throughout the morning.

For 1-2 guests, they’ll be fine with a single serving coffee machine. Keurig or pod coffee makers will suffice here. They won’t expect any advanced features. Usually they don’t need multiple cups of coffee at once: instead they can brew a second or third cup separately.

many short term rental hosts prefer Keurig to brew coffee

You and your guests will waste less coffee supplies. Your trash pile will be smaller meaning you can easily prepare your Airbnb for the next guests.

And this makes it easy for them to brew both caffeinated and decaf coffee fast. Plus try out flavored options, if you want to provide those to truly impress!

Choose the Brew Option

Let’s compare the following coffee makers for Airbnb: drip coffee makers, pod coffee makers, and espresso machines.

Drip Coffee Makers

The classic option. The vast majority of your guests already know how to use a drip coffee maker. They’ll quickly and easily brew as much coffee as they want.

This option also gives you 2 advantages.

1: You can choose the right capacity for your Airbnb. Whether you want just a few cups or more.

2: You can buy filters and ground coffee in bulk. Which means cost savings and a consistent experience for your guests.

Pod Coffee Makers

Usually people think of Nespresso or Keurig (also known as K cup pods). This option gives your guests more choice over flavors and level of caffeine. It’s also probably the easiest for your guests: add water, insert the pod or K cup, then press a button. That’s all they need for fresh coffee fast!

Nespresso makes great Airbnb coffee makers

And it makes your trash and cleaning situation simple too.

Make sure to consider how cheap and easy to get the coffee pods/cups are though. You don’t want to invest in a pod coffee maker and then struggle to buy the pods you’ll need!

If they’re easy to get though, it’ll be way more convenient than supplying coffee beans.

Espresso Machines

We don’t usually suggest this option. But if your Airbnb is on the luxury side, you might consider this option to impress with quality coffee.

Look for an automatic espresso machine with a built in coffee grinder (or maybe even pre ground coffee). Try to avoid a portafilter, steam wand, etc… Otherwise maintenance and cleaning will be tough.

You also need to consider safety too. With high heat and pressure brewing methods (the moka pot included), there’s more chance your guests will hurt themselves or your rental!

Make sure to leave clear instructions for all your guests to discard coffee grounds.

Minimal Maintenance and Cleaning

Speaking of these, this is my most crucial factor when choosing a coffee maker for my Airbnb. I’ll now share what I look for to minimize these.

Removable Parts

Cleaning is way easier with removable parts. Like the brew basket, water reservoir, and coffee pot. Replaceable paper filters are an option too.

If all the parts are dishwasher safe or disposable, then your guests can even handle the process for you! Just give them instructions in your Airbnb and enjoy a stress free life.

Auto Cleaning Feature

With the press of a button, some top coffee makers can clean themselves. I just provide cleaning solution for my guest to use whenever the light says the machine needs cleaning. And put instructions in the Airbnb listing.

Then in a few minutes at most, the coffee machine uses the solution and fresh water to clean itself.

I recommend you still deep clean and descale your coffee maker every few months, but the auto clean feature means you can serve many guests before needing to do so. Don’t forget to clean the coffee maker hot plate if it has one.

Safety First

Safety the most important factor to consider. Obviously most coffee makers are completely safe and low risk. But do you want the one in a million chance of getting sued or losing money?

So let’s explore how to reduce risk as much as possible with coffee makers for Airbnb.

Turning Off Automatically

Not only does leaving a coffee maker on all day waste energy, but there’s risk of overheating and causing a fire.

Your guests are probably out and about, thinking about travel plans all day. You can imagine they could forget to turn off the coffee machine.

Host without any worries – by getting a coffee maker with an automatic turn off feature.

Temperature Control

Let’s say your guest leaves the coffee maker on all day. That’s okay as long as the machine doesn’t get too hot.

You might choose a lower heat setting anyway to prevent your guests from burning themselves.

This is where temperature control comes into play. Try out different temperature settings and waiting to see if there’s any risk of overheating or injury. Make sure you can still brew delicious coffee with whichever setting you choose.

Budgeting for an Airbnb Coffee Maker

Airbnb and vacation rentals are an experience, but most importantly they are a business. So I suggest looking at a coffee maker purchase an investment.

What’s the risk of needing to fix or replace parts? And how much time will you need for cleaning and maintenance? Are there lots of coffee accessories that you must provide to the guest?

Then think about a great hotel experience. The best guests expect a delicious cup of coffee from a coffee machine. Which means if you have one, you’ll have more bookings + earn more money!

Think about adding the cost of the coffee maker (and maintaining it) to your Airbnb booking price. Then there’s no way you can lose.

Follow our table at the top of this article to find the best coffee maker for Airbnb at the best value. So you can minimize risk for less money.


We covered the most important factors you need to consider for the best coffee maker for Airbnb.

The best Airbnb coffee maker is not one you’ll fine in a coffee shop or coffee bar. You and your guests don’t need a “perfect” cup of coffee.

For small vacation rentals, consider a single serve coffee maker like a Keurig K Supreme. With Keurig machines and K cups – vacation rental owners don’t have to worry about other coffee accessories. Stuff like freshly ground coffee is not needed.

Whereas for larger vacation rentals: a 4 to 10 cup machine might be the perfect coffee maker to keep coffee hot for multiple guests.

But remember that as a vacation rental owner – the best coffee makers are ones that provide easy coffee making AND cleaning after the guests are done.

A single cup of great coffee goes a long way towards the guest experience.

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