Lexi Han

Lexi is happily married to Bryan and works as an internet marketing consultant. As a lifelong believer of frugal living, she constantly strives to satisfy Bryan’s high-quality food and drink cravings while on a budget. Her favorites include (discounted) pumpkin spice lattes and Costco polish dogs.

What Does Bold Mean on a Coffee Maker?

In short: you turning on “bold” means your coffee maker will brew strong and more flavorful coffee. How does your coffee maker do this? Easy. It just slows down the flow of water through coffee ...
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Keurig Descale Light Stays On – How to Fix

Are you totally stumped why your Keurig descale light stays on? No matter how much you descale your Keurig machine? And regardless of which descaling solution you use? Turns out – this is a very ...
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How Hot Do Coffee Makers Get?

Really hot! Yeah, we all know coffee gets hot (just ask McDonald’s after their lawsuit!) and coffee makers are probably even hotter. But have you ever wondered exactly how hot coffee makers get? Are you ...
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The Japanese Ceramic Coffee Filter – An Overview

Are you sick of running out of paper coffee filters and needing to buy more? What about protecting Mother Earth? Paper and cloth filters lead to more waste, might have chemicals that are bad for ...
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How to Make Bialetti Moka Pot Coffee

Ever wonder what the deal with Bialetti and moka pots are? Maybe you’re missing out on an ingenious Italian coffee maker that makes DELICIOUS coffee similar to true espresso. We have a few guides coming ...
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Flat Burrs Vs Conical Burrs for Coffee Grinders

How do you get the freshest, best tasting coffee? Grinding your beans fresh is a huge part of this. And your choice of grinder is just as important. With burr coffee grinders: you’ll need to ...
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