We’re an Asian American couple that met at UC Berkeley. We love delicious food and drink from the best restaurants and catered from top tech companies.

We tried for many years to recreate these experiences in our home kitchen. And so we founded My Kitchen Sensei in 2022 to share our journey with our friends and family.

Finally we have decided to extend our reach beyond only people we know!

Mission Statement

We’re dedicated to giving you the very best and UNBIASED information about kitchen equipment. So you can live a delicious life!

We want to share our knowledge with other kitchen enthusiasts, no matter your experience level.

You’ll learn how to find and take care of the best kitchen appliances, tools, and accessories: you can expect guides, tips, reviews, and even recipes!

Trust and Safety

We use science and facts to back up our articles, citing published studies like those from the NSF:

the NSF publishes scientific studies that can apply to food and drink safety
the NSF publishes scientific studies that can apply to food and drink safety

We also believe that cooking and food can be art. What happens in the kitchen, can be a form of human expression.

So we care most about inspiring others to appreciate the art behind cooking. Rather than making a quick buck, we write with care.

We also take the time to background check our findings with our network—consisting of social media and professional cooks.

influencers know the latest food and drink trends
World Association of Chefs’ Societies – or Worldchefs in short!

So you’re guaranteed to get the latest and greatest in food and drink!

Meet the Team

My Kitchen Sensei (MKS) was founded in 2022 by two passionate foodies and home cooks.


Bryan Han

Founder and Editor-in-Chief
bryan dot han [ at ] mykitchensensei.com

By day, Bryan is a software engineer with experience at startups and top software companies. By night, he runs and writes for My Kitchen Sensei.
Bryan is especially proud of his cheap excursions to cheap Michelin rated restaurants throughout Asia and in Hong Kong during his exchange there. His favorites include nitro-cold brew coffee and steak.

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Lexi Han

Chief Marketing Officer and Staff Writer
lexi dot han [ at ] mykitchensensei.com

Lexi is happily married to Bryan and works as an internet marketing consultant. As a lifelong believer of frugal living, she constantly strives to satisfy Bryan’s high-quality food and drink cravings while on a budget.

Her favorites include (discounted) pumpkin spice lattes and Costco polish dogs.

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Thank you again for visiting My Kitchen Sensei.

Please reach out if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy our content – and happy cooking!!